Publications Catalogue 2003

The publications featured in this catalogue cover a wide range of topics related to agricultural and rural development in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. They reflect the way CTA's partners have perceived their agricultural and rural information needs since the Centre began its publishing activities.

Types of publications
CTA’s publications fall into two categories: those produced by the Centre alone and those co-published with other organisations. CTA’s own publications include its flagship bi-monthly magazines Spore (English and French editions) and Esporo (Portuguese edition); various institutional publications, such as the Centre’s annual reports; and a wide range of publications resulting from CTA’s other activities such as seminars, studies and study visits.

Thematic coverage
CTA publications focus on topics related to the Centre’s three thematic areas of activity:

  • promoting market-led development;
  • intensifying and optimising agricultural production;
  • protecting the environment and managing natural resources.

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