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The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources of Seychelles

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  1. Crop Development &Promotion Division
  2. Animal Health & Development Division
  3. Planning & Training
  4. The Seychelles Fishing Authority(SFA)

  1. Crop Development & Promotion Division
  2. This division has 4 sections:

  3. Animal Health & Development Division
  4. This division contains 3 sections.

  5. Planning & Training Division
This division has 2 sections:


The optimisation of the resources at our disposal for the provision of an efficient service to the farmers of Seychelles, so as to promote output, growth and sustainable agricultural development, through the identification and promotion of crop varieties, adapted technologies, and farming methods that will maximise the limited land resources more efficiently, increasing agricultural contribution to GDP, reducing the food import dependency ratio by increasing local production, ensuring a reasonable return to farmers and in the process having due regards to the need to protect the environment.


  • To reduce the country’s dependence on the importation of food notably fruits, vegetables and meat, and to increase the domestic production of equivalent or substitute produce at a cost that is affordable to the local consumers and can be sustained on a year round basis.
  • To provide the necessary infrastructural and institutional support and incentives to the agricultural sector in order to stimulate private investment, motivate young entrepreneur entrants and in the process create productive employment.
  • To ensure full and maximum productive use of the scarce land resources.
  • To ensure safe and sustainable agricultural development having due regards to nature diversity and protection of the environment.
  • To further promote and encourage the export of certain traditional crop, e.g. cinnamon, copra, etc. and possibly surplus vegetables grown under intensive conditions.

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